When your airline is an IFSA member,
everyone at your airline is an IFSA member!

As an IFSA Airline member, you and your colleagues can…

Gain complimentary access to all IFSA, APEX, and FTE events.

Have instant access to the IFSA Member Directory featuring contact information for representatives from caterers, suppliers, chefs, food and beverage distributors, sustainability experts, and more.

Leverage government advocacy to support your airline and the industry.

Have the opportunity for your company to contribute to and be awarded scholarships that support member companies, family of member companies, and/or those pursuing a professional degree in onboard services.

Celebrate your activities and successes via the APEX/IFSA Awards programs.

Showcase your airline’s expertise by participating in IFSA’s thought leadership programs as a speaker or panelist.

Present your news and announcements to the industry via IFSA news and social platforms.

Get the most up-to-date news, thought leadership, trends and information sent to your inbox daily with the APEX Daily Experience newsletter.

Interested in becoming part of the IFSA Community?

IFSA Provides Single and Multi-year Membership Options
Additionally, multi-year memberships lock in the current rate excluding your airline from dues increases during the membership period.

Membership LengthMember Price
1 Year$650
2 Years$1,250
3 Years$1,850

IFSA/APEX Joint Membership

Advantage of a Joint IFSA/APEX Airline Membership
A combined IFSA/APEX membership provides extra access and additional exposure to the onboard services industry including government affairs engagement, awards recognition, access to stakeholders including caterers, food and beverage suppliers, chefs, amenity providers, sustainability experts, and more.

Airlines have the option to pay for 2 years of membership and get 3 years of benefits, or pay for 3 years of membership and get 5 years of benefits.

Membership LengthMember Price
1 Year$995
3 Years$1,920
5 Years$2,845

Do you have questions? 

Contact IFSA at info@ifsa.aero.