IFSA committees offer an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with developing and improving IFSA member benefits. Participating on one of the below committees is an excellent way to utilize your skillset and to better the organization for all members.

Each IFSA committee is comprised of industry volunteers with specialized expertise in each area of focus.  To serve the best interests of the industry, IFSA committee members represent airlines and vendor companies in different regions of the globe.

If you are a member and interested in volunteering for any IFSA committee, please contact IFSA at info@ifsa.aero.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for adding additional value to IFSA members through new initiatives and special projects including the APEX/IFSA Awards program and regional events.

  • Chair: Andrew Yiu, Air Canada
  • Board Liaison: Andrew Yiu, Air Canada 
  • Staff Liaison: Courtney Truelove

Communications Advisory Council

The Communications Advisory Council works to ensure members have a unified voice on matters concerning the interests of the onboard services industry. The Council is comprised of seasoned marketing and communications professionals within the industry that represent the various segments of IFSA membership. This group assists with the development and distribution of communications, responding to media inquiries, and initiatives to enhance communication to members.

Conference Planning Committee

Conference Planning Committee is tasked with overseeing an annual EXPO Program, including venues and social functions. The committee assures that the event programs are supportive of IFSA strategic goals and objectives as well as meet the needs of all members and the marketplace.

  • Co-Chairs: Nicky Slater, ITW Envopak, Stathis Kefallonitis, United Airlines
  • Board Liaison: Dulce Martin, Adulce Group LLC
  • Members: Heather Finidori, DFMi; Brett Hooyerink, McGuire & Associates; Emily Jordan, AMI Inflight; Paula Jansen, Hawaiian Air; SJ Barton, HACO; Holly Armstrong, United Airlines; Mike Fishburg, FlyDubai
  • Staff Liaison: Kristi Johnson

Finance Committee

  • Board Liaison / Treasurer: Jim Ball, Flying Food Group
  • Members: Darren Bott, Emirates; Kimberly Guanci, CDI Foods, LLC; Jon Harwood, dnata; Steve Murtoff, Southwest Airlines
  • Staff Liaison: Lauren Costello

Government Affairs and Education Committee

The mission of the IFSA Government Affairs and Education Committee (GAEC) is to provide information, guidance and education to the IFSA membership regarding food safety and security. GAEC is responsible for providing information, guidance and education to IFSA members on food safety and security, and maintains an open dialogue with all appropriate worldwide regulatory and legislative bodies. They address industry needs by representing the industry to outside parties and government agencies, as approved by the Executive Committee. 

  • Co-Chairs: Vanessa Lindstrom, United Airlines; Rosimeire Miranda, LSG Group
  • EU Task Force Chair: Matrix de Vries, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Board Liaison: Vanessa Lindstrom, United Airlines
  • GAEC Staff Liaison: Marian Brestovansky, Lauren Costello

Marketing & Communications Committee

  • Chair: Nick Richards, Formia
  • Board Liaison: Kimberly Guanci, Campione D’Italia Foods, LLC
  • Staff Liaisons: Kim Chhabria; Angie Jaramillo

Membership Committee

This committee is focused on membership strategy, including recruiting new members and ensuring renewals. A concerted effort will also be made towards international expansion.  The committee will work to strengthen the perception of IFSA as offering year-round member benefits rather than being a single event organization.

  • Co-Chairs: Mike Henny, Delta Air Lines; Jodi Spicer, American Airlines
  • Board Liaisons: Mike Henny, Delta Air Lines; Jodi Spicer, American Airlines
  • Staff Liaison: Lauren Costello

Sponsorship Subcommittee

The Sponsorship Subcommittee is responsible for the overall coordination of soliciting sponsorships for the association including the EXPO and regional events. The committee is charged with increasing the association’s sponsorship revenue and providing sponsors with a substantial ROI.

  • Board Liaison: Dulce Martin, Adulce Group LLC
  • Staff Liaison: Cathy Vick

Sustainability Committee

  • Chair: Angie Dahman, Bunzl
  • Board Liaison: Diana Czapalay
  • Staff Liaison: Lauren Costello

Transformative Innovation & Engagement Committee

This committee is tasked with developing educational programs and services at the EXPO as well as at other IFSA and partner events as identified. Programs will feature a wide variety of industry speakers, presentations, panels and forum discussions. These valuable educational programs and insights offered to IFSA members will foster the international exchange of ideas, new information, industry best practices and the latest market trends.

  • Co-Chairs: Stathis Kefallonitis, United Airlines and Brett Hooyerink, McGuire & Associates
  • Board Liaison: SJ Barton, HACO and Tim Zandbergen, ANA Catering
  • Members: Michael Baumgart, Gourmet Foods Inc.; Iris Anne Groeneweg, Foodcase International; Allison Hardesty, DFMI; Jessica Johnston, Alaska Airlines; Ben Kaufman, JSX; Ashley Kerber, Kaelis; Erick Ray, John Horsfall; Nicky Slater, ITW Envopak
  • Staff Liaison: Kristi Johnson