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November 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013  
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Apex Asia Summary

In early November, IFSA hosted a session during APEX Asia in Shanghai China. The session featured a presentation by Dr. Stathis Kefallonitis of, “Creating an Authentic and Memorable Onboard Experience: Positioning Techniques and Future Outlook.”

Click here to view the presentation in English.

Click here to view the presentation in 中文 (Chinese).

The key takeaways from Dr. Kefallonitis’ presentation included:

·        Airline and the industries that encompass the passenger experience should view services from the passenger’s perspective. Passengers prefer authentic, realistic airline brands.  
·        Passengers skim a myriad of messages and only keep those of significant importance. Interesting and useful messages are kept in memory.
·        Passengers connect with airlines through their senses. The most potential for opportunity exists for airlines in exploring the taste, smell and hearing senses.
·        Catering can be used to delight passengers. Airlines should go the extra step to distinguish themselves from the competition.
·        When it comes to food and beverage products, there are certain sensory elements to consider including taste (i.e. salt, sweet, sour), smell, texture, appearance and aural (i.e. crunchy)
·        Ask sensory questions from the passengers perspective specific to these food and beverage elements such as “Do I like it or not,” “Is it what I expected,” “Is it too much or not enough,” “Can I eat or drink more than just a small taste”.

With more than 150 attendees, APEX Asia was a two-day event that focused on the exchange of ideas, cutting edge information, industry best practices and the latest technology trends. Make sure to continue visiting for information about future global educational forums.

IFSA Government Affairs and Education Committee Update

The mission of the IFSA Government Affairs and Education Committee (GAEC) is to provide information, guidance and education to the IFSA membership regarding food safety and security. IFSA’s GAEC maintains the World Food Safety Guidelines, an effective food safety control concept applicable to airline catering facilities worldwide. The Committee also maintains open dialogue with appropriate regulatory and legislative bodies worldwide to represent IFSA’s interests, and work cooperatively toward the common goal of public health, safety and security.

This year, upon review of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) “Manual for Agricultural Clearance,” IFSA GAEC members discovered some requirements for catering procedures had been revised. These revisions were not considered to be business as usual and might create additional liability for both caterers and airlines. In May, IFSA surveyed their airline and caterer members to get their feedback on the rule. The intent was that the survey results would be provided to the USDA, and the results would open the door for IFSA’s GAEC to work in conjunction with the agency.

The Committee met with USDA representatives during the APEX/IFSA EXPO in September. Both parties agreed in September to work toward a mutually beneficial solution that addresses safeguarding procedures and requirements. More updates will be provided on this matter as they become available.

Revisions to FDA Food Code

Earlier this month, IFSA provided information about a free webinar on revisions to the Food and Drug Administration’s Food Code. The Food Code outlines enforceable provisions for mitigating known risks of foodborne illness in foodservice. A link to the Food Code is available on the FDA Retail Food Protection webpage. 

The significant Food Code 2013 revisions include:
Nontyphoidal Salmonella is added to the list of illnesses that food workers are required to report to their management and that prompts management to exclude or restrict employees from working with food.
Revisions to the minimum cooking temperatures associated with procedures such as non-continuous cooking and circumstances under which bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat foods is permitted.
Stronger requirements for cleaning and sanitizing equipment used in preparing raw foods that are major food allergens.
The webinar featured members of the FDA’s Retail Food Protection Team and was hosted by the National Restaurant Association.

Update Your Contact Information

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2014 Membership Renewal Notices Coming Soon

In December, IFSA Headquarters will distribute the 2014 Membership Dues Renewal notices to the primary and alternate contacts listed for each member company via email.

In 2014, IFSA members can continue to look forward to: 

·       The APEX/IFSA EXPO set for 15-18 September at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California USA, and presented in collaboration with the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX).
·       Onboard IFSA, our monthly electronic newsletter, will continue to keep you abreast of industry and Association news delivered directly to your desktop.
·       On demand access to the World Food Safety Guidelines, an effective food safety control concept applicable to airline catering facilities worldwide.
·       Industry representatives who maintain dialogue with appropriate regulatory and legislative bodies worldwide who represent the Association’s interest, and work cooperatively toward the common goal of public health, safety and security.
·       Access to the IFSA Membership Directory available on  

Renew prior to January 31, 2014 to take advantage of the early bird dues rate! After January 31, normal dues rates apply including a 15% increase.

Exhibitors: 2014 IFSA Membership Dues are due in full before you reserve booth space at the 2014 IFSA EXPO.

Please advise IFSA if there have been recent personnel changes within your company or if you have not received a 2014 Membership Renewal notice.

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Save the dates of 15-18 September for the 2014 APEX/IFSA EXPO! The EXPO will return to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California USA. For the fifth consecutive year, IFSA will collaborate with the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX). During the 2013 EXPO, IFSA welcomed 850 total attendees, including 250 airline representatives.
The 2014 Conference Planning Committee leadership includes: Chair, Jay Cravens with Delta Air Lines and Co-Chair, Jim Ball with Flying Food Group.
Booth Selection for 2014 APEX/IFSA EXPO Scheduled to Begin in January

Booth selection for the 2013 IFSA tradeshow will begin in January. IFSA staff will contact each exhibitor in December with information and an appointment time for booth selection. As a reminder, 2014 Membership Dues and any other balances owed are due in full before you may select exhibit space for the 2014 tradeshow.

As the 2014 APEX/IFSA EXPO approaches, visit the IFSA website often for conference details, exhibitor information, sponsorship opportunities, and how to register to attend. You can also visit the IFSA Facebook Fan Page often for key updates.




Flying Food Group names Milt Liu as President
Earlier this year, Flying Food Group named Milt Liu as President and COO. He reports to Flying Food Group Founder and CEO, Sue Gin. Mr. Liu formerly worked for Flying Food Group from 1998-2003 as a Vice President. Prior to his 2013 appointment to Flying Food Group, he worked for Target as a Senior Buyer and held various Merchandising and Operations positions since 2004. Mr. Liu holds an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and a BA in Economics and Political Science from Yale University. 
2013 IFSA Best in Show Winner, Buzz Products

During the APEX/IFSA EXPO tradeshow this year, new IFSA member Buzz Products took home the 2013 Best in Show prize. The Best in Show award honors the most creative stand in the EXPO, as voted by tradeshow attendees.  

Based in Australia, Buzz Products is a global creative product agency that solves marketing and business challenges through product design solutions. As airline product specialists, Buzz designs and creates premium amenity products for airlines.

The Buzz exhibition stand was a 20 ft. shipping container that displayed a number of their amenity products. The Buzz stand journeyed over 5,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from Hamburg, Germany to Anaheim, California USA for display during IFSA EXPO. Additionally, the IFSA EXPO was the stand’s debut in a U.S. tradeshow.

After the IFSA EXPO, Buzz’s stand traveled back to Germany and awaits its time in the spotlight when the spring tradeshows begin in Europe.

Buzz Product’s membership in IFSA underscores the association’s strategic objective to maximize industry participation and presence worldwide, foster business partnerships and build networks in emerging markets. Congratulations to Buzz Products on their win of the 2013 Best of Show award.




Futuristic Food Trends
ABC News, November 2013
According to ABC News, there are some innovative food trends on the horizon. Some of these trends may be applicable to onboard food menus.   

·        3D Printed Food-Companies are experimenting with printing foods like chocolate and pasta by mixing together a series of dry ingredients to use as an edible ink. Experts predict companies will be able to print out complete, customized meals on demand.
·        Lab-Grown Meat-Dutch scientists successfully grew hamburger from a cow’s muscle tissue earlier this year. The drawbacks of this technique are costs and time. The lab-grown hamburger took two years and $325,000 to create. With time, lab-grown meat may continue to grow.
·        TomTato-A British seed catalog created a hybrid plant that grows both tomatoes and potatoes. Since both crops require similar environmental conditions, it is possible for the plant to flourish. A similar plant called the Potato Tom is available in New Zealand.
·        Molecular Gastronomy-Cooking with a little physics and chemistry can help chefs to transform the taste and texture of food. An example is making apple caviar using basic spherification.
·        Soylent-This liquid supplement is designed to provide all essential nutrients and may be customized for preferences, allergies and disease management. Production is relatively inexpensive and scalable.

The entire article is available here.

What’s Top of Mind for Consumer Executives?

A recent study conducted by research firm KPMG International and The Consumer Goods Forum surveyed 442 leaders from some of the world’s largest consumer companies. More than 90 percent of survey respondents were CEOs, COOs, senior management or finance executives. Approximately 45 percent of the participants hailed from companies within the food, beverage and consumer goods sector. The key takeaways are as follows:

·        One in five consumer business executives say that the economy and consumer demand is their most important concern.
·        Driving revenue, profits and growth are important to consumer executives. More, powerful consumers are an area of opportunity.
·        There is continued focus on streamlining resources to fulfill growth and reduce costs, but businesses are struggling with technology.
·        Responsibility and legislation are high priority areas for the food sector.
·        Large companies and companies in emerging markets are more likely to make corporate responsibility a top concern.

More information about the study is available here.

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